Bud Light Beer Calories

Bud Light Beer CaloriesBud Light and Budweiser are brewed by the same company, the Anheuser-Busch InBev, an American brewer which introduced Bud Light as a low calorie lager in 1982 across the United States. While the beer is considered as the most popular in the country, it does not have Budweiser’s global stature but still Bud Light took the spot as the fifth best selling beer worldwide. This impressive success has led to the brand making new variations such as the Bud Light Platinum and Bud Light Lime. Apart from being ultra popular, the beer’s success is also due in large to the distinctively crisp taste and the fact that it has fewer calories than standard beer brands.

Brewed using premium American-grown and imported hops plus quality barley malt and rice, Bud Light stands superior against its competitors largely in part to that awesome blend. Because of its light, clean and refreshing flavor, Bud Light is currently the favorite of millions of beer lovers around the world. It’s the ultimate light beer choice where Bud Light beer calories stand at 110 per 12 oz. bottle making it 40 to 50 calories fewer than other brands. This also means that an extra bottle wouldn’t hurt as much as other mid-strength alcoholic drinks. For more information on calories and nutritional content, check details below:

Calories from Fat0
Alcohol By Volume4.2%

Unlike other beers that rack up huge calories, six bottles of Bud Light is relatively lower which adds up to about 660. In terms of food calorie comparisons, that’s like eating 1 ½ serving of Panera Bread’s Signature Mac & Cheese. Still it’s roughly 200 calories lower than other brands and this could mean you can down additional two bottles or fewer calories to work out for. Either way, it’s win-win. After all, Bud Light tastes refreshingly good for a light lager.